Gas barbecue with support from stove

Gas barbecue with support from stove

With the addition of the bowl to the base of support we have a real kitchen.

There is the possibility of having 1 or 2 Fires include in Stainless cover.

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Barbecue with stove

Airone Barbecue

The support series offers the advantage of portability, therefore it is suitable for the kitchen under a veranda, on the Sunday PIC-NIC or is the OPTIMAL CAMPING solution. The variant with cooker offers the possibility of having a full kitchen with which to fry or cook the pasta. The 1 or 2 Fireplace Side Stove Includes Steel Cover. Gas Airone Weber Gas BBQs are safe with Series Thermos and secured with Stainless Steel of the highest quality. Base with Smooth Plate. There is also the possibility of having the Rigata plate with a small extra charge. All models of Barbecue Airone are available in the DELUXE version with special anti-scalding insulation. AIRONE Barbecue is the professional stainless steel cooking plate to use every day. The plate goes to temperature in 7 minutes and cooks various foods from 1 to 8 minutes then cleans easily with the ability to remove the plate. Practical, fast, oil-free cooking, always intact flavors even in the case of simultaneous cooking of more foods. WATCH THE VIEW !!!

1.123,40 €   1.370,00 € VAT included

I strongly support the series by adding 1 or 2 Fires
1 Fire 3.6 kw
2 Fires 2.7 kw

The side burners include cover Steel